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Ford Tracking Police Cruisers to Catch Speeding Cops

The Los Angeles Police Department has added 50 transmitters to police cruisers to monitor the driving behavior of their force while out in the field. We've all … [Read More...]

A Single Speeding Ticket Can Impact Your Insurance Rates

You probably know how expensive it is should you end up with a speeding ticket with high fines and or fees and have to pay it. Though each state has different … [Read More...]

North Carolina Judge Suspended for Fixing Friend’s Traffic Tickets

According to a recent news article, the North Carolina Supreme Court suspended Forsyth District Judge Hartsfield for 2 1/2 months for fixing traffic tickets for … [Read More...]

Dallas’ Red Light Cameras may Face Changes as Revenue Estimate Drops

Initial gross revenue estimates for the red light camera system during Dallas' 2007-08 fiscal year were $14.8 million, according to city records. The latest … [Read More...]

Driver Sues Over Radar Van Tickets in California

New Hampshire motorists who use drive time to chat on the phone, read the paper or apply makeup may want to San Jose, California – A driver nailed by … [Read More...]

Toughest States On Distracted Drivers

Focus on the road in New Hampshire. In that state, if you cause harm to another vehicle or a pedestrian while engaged in an activity behind the … [Read More...]

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