A Single Speeding Ticket Can Impact Your Insurance Rates

You probably know how expensive it is should you end up with a speeding ticket with high fines and or fees and have to pay it. Though each state has different traffic laws for speeders, what many drivers don’t understand  is the serious implications a ticket can carry when it comes to your insurance rates.  These increased insurance rates can impact what you end up paying for car insurnace for around 3 years on average.

The article from InsuranceQuotes.com provides a list of traffic ticket violations and what percentage rate increase you could expect for each of these.


Cities & States That Give Out the Most Speeding Tickets


According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, the National Motorists Organization and Google Insights for Search data, Chicago ranks 6th among cities in the U.S. where you are most likely to receive a speeding ticket from a uniformed office if you are caught going over the speed limit. Other cities in US that rank in the top 10 include Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, New York City and Miami.

To find out which states rank highest overall for most speeding tickets given, visit the link below.

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