Glynn County Georgia Dismisses Some April-May 2022 Traffic Tickets

Georgia County tosses out hundreds of tickets over potential radar gun testing inaccuracies. 264 drivers issued tickets in Glynn County Georgia in April and May 2022 recently received good news. A lapse in certification of the radar and LIDAR guns used for testing caused inaccuracies. Police discovered the lapse and immediately notified the court solicitor […]

Ford Tracking Police Cruisers to Catch Speeding Cops

The Los Angeles Police Department has added 50 transmitters to police cruisers to monitor the driving behavior of their force while out in the field. We’ve all seen the high speed police chases out there on the internet, some viral in nature, chases where innocent drivers may be endangered by the speed of the police […]

A Single Speeding Ticket Can Impact Your Insurance Rates

You probably know how expensive it is should you end up with a speeding ticket with high fines and or fees and have to pay it. Though each state has different traffic laws for speeders, what many drivers don’t understand  is the serious implications a ticket can carry when it comes to your insurance rates.  […]

Ohio House Bill 69 Would BanTraffic Cameras in Ohio

After a Hamilton County Common Please Court judge ruled in March that speed enforcement cameras in one municipality in that county were a violation of citizens due process rights, a bill was introduced in the Ohio House that would remove the cameras that catch red light runners and speeders alike. According  to the senators that […]

Washington DC Red Light Camera Ticket Revenue

One traffic camera location in Washington DC accounts for 28% of the speeding ticket revenue in the District.  DC-295 according to a recent press release from AAA Mid-Atlantic, brings in 28% of the total drivers paid $23,792,905 in fines from the districts speed and red-light cameras during 2012. To read the remainder of the article […]

Traffic Ticket Costs – Statistics

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the majority of Americans out on the road are not aware of just how much it can cost them when they are pulled over for a speeding ticket or traffic ticket violation. And based on the type of infraction, not only can insurance premiums rise […]