Cities & States That Give Out the Most Speeding Tickets

  According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, the National Motorists Organization and Google Insights for Search data, Chicago ranks 6th among cities in the U.S. where you are most likely to receive a speeding ticket from a uniformed office if you are caught going over the speed limit. Other cities in US […]

North Carolina Judge Suspended for Fixing Friend’s Traffic Tickets

According to a recent news article, the North Carolina Supreme Court suspended Forsyth District Judge Hartsfield for 2 1/2 months for fixing traffic tickets for friends, including members of her church congregation and her law school students. The investigation of misconduct on the part of Judge Hartsfield began in 2008 after a large amount of […]

Dallas’ Red Light Cameras may Face Changes as Revenue Estimate Drops

Initial gross revenue estimates for the red light camera system during Dallas’ 2007-08 fiscal year were $14.8 million, according to city records. The latest estimate? About $6.2 million. City Manager Mary Suhm on Friday estimated net revenue will fall $4.1 million under initial estimates. That leaves Dallas government with a conundrum. Its red-light camera system […]