Debate Over Red Light Cameras Flaring Up in Santa Clara County CA

From San Francisco to Santa Cruz to Fremont, nearly two dozen cities in Northern California use cameras to catch drivers who run red lights — and a lot of studies suggest they reduce accidents. But in Santa Clara County, there is not a single red-light camera, and San Jose police are speaking out against them, […]

Beachwood Ohio Lawyer Blake Dickson Wins Appeal of Camera-issued Tickets

Cleveland faces a possible avalanche of court challenges to tickets issued by the city’s controversial traffic cameras after a lawyer won an unprecedented court ruling Thursday. Beachwood lawyer Blake Dickson discovered a loophole in a city ordinance that he believes — and the 8th Ohio District Court of Appeals agrees — shields drivers of leased […]

Lawmakers Look To Expand Cameras Giving Traffic Tickets

(Springfield) — Traffic cameras that snap a picture of your license plate when you run a red light may soon also send you a 100-dollar ticket when you break the speed limit. Lawmakers are looking at adding traffic cameras to ticket speeding drivers in Chicago, the suburbs, and the Metro East. Right now the cameras […]

Speeding Fines Could Double In NH

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Speeders in New Hampshire could be in for sticker shock as state lawmakers have proposed doubling fines. Critics are called the proposed fine increases dramatic and unnecessary, while supporters said the state has held off on raising the rates too long, WMUR News 9’s Aaron Kellogg reported. New Hampshire drivers pay a […]