Speeding Fines Could Double In NH

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Speeders in New Hampshire could be in for sticker shock as state lawmakers have proposed doubling fines. Critics are called the proposed fine increases dramatic and unnecessary, while supporters said the state has held off on raising the rates too long, WMUR News 9’s Aaron Kellogg reported. New Hampshire drivers pay a […]

Winston County Judge Dismisses 220 Traffic Tickets

DOUBLE SPRINGS, ALABAMA – A Winston County judge threw out 220 traffic tickets this week after he and the defendants showed up for court but had nowhere to meet. The only courtroom large enough to handle the crowd was in use by another judge, court officials said. Winston County District Court Judge Michael Newell ordered […]

Monterey California Vice Mayor Cited For Running Stop Sign

MONTEREY, Calif.—Monterey Vice-Mayor Jeff Haferman insists he didn’t run a stop sign and he demands to go to trial over the $159 ticket. Haferman is also suing the city. He was given a traffic citation on July 26 for failure to stop Camino Aguajito and Fremont Street at the exit from northbound Highway 1. The […]

Colorado Lawmakers Take Steps to Increase Traffic Ticket Fines

DENVER — Breaking the law while driving could soon cost you a lot more. State lawmakers taking the first step to increase fines on traffic tickets. On Tuesday, a house transportation committee passed a bill that viagra double most state fines for moving violations. “Our fines in Colorado are three times lower than states like […]

Illinois Rethinks Taking Driver’s Licenses For Traffic Tickets

As if the $125 ticket wasn’t bad enough, Lauren Kamm’s illegal left turn to Ashland Avenue in Chicago earned her an extra surprise: Her driver’s license was confiscated. Kamm was told it would be returned after her case was completed, a process potentially lasting weeks. While she could still drive legally with a copy of […]