Ford Tracking Police Cruisers to Catch Speeding Cops

The Los Angeles Police Department has added 50 transmitters to police cruisers to monitor the driving behavior of their force while out in the field. We’ve all seen the high speed police chases out there on the internet, some viral in nature, chases where innocent drivers may be endangered by the speed of the police in pursuit, but this is not the only time the speed of an officer’s vehicle is in question.

The system, called “Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement” is the beta test for this new technology and if it goes well for Los Angeles, other law enforcement agencies in other cities and states may choose to have the driving system installed in their vehicles as a safety measure.

It will be interesting to gauge the officers response to having their driving monitored overall. It could potentially increase greater awareness of how they handle their vehicles while on duty and just by its very presence, improve safety.

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