Glynn County Georgia Dismisses Some April-May 2022 Traffic Tickets

Georgia County tosses out hundreds of tickets over potential radar gun testing inaccuracies.

264 drivers issued tickets in Glynn County Georgia in April and May 2022 recently received good news. A lapse in certification of the radar and LIDAR guns used for testing caused inaccuracies. Police discovered the lapse and immediately notified the court solicitor in Glynn County. Ticket holders were notified by U.S. mail.

Also impacted are additional violations, such as driving on a suspended license, that resulted from traffic stops that used any speed-detection equipment with lapsed certification.

The error does not excuse the legitimacy of the tickets. It does hold the county to a level of accountability and transparency. Glynn County officers aggressively monitor traffic laws to keep all drivers safe. The County is heavily trafficked due to its proximity to the South Carolina Georgia border.

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