Ohio House Bill 69 Would BanTraffic Cameras in Ohio

After a Hamilton County Common Please Court judge ruled in March that speed enforcement cameras in one municipality in that county were a violation of citizens due process rights, a bill was introduced in the Ohio House that would remove the cameras that catch red light runners and speeders alike. According  to the senators that backed the bill and a study from North Carolina, the cameras reportedly did not decrease accidents or save lives at intersections where they were installed.

One supporter of the bill, Senator Hood of Ashville Ohio states that though the cameras are supposed to be used to catch those who violate the law, they apparently are generating large amounts of revenue or are a  “money grab for local governments.”  The North Carolina study cited earlier notes that in some instances traffic accidents actually increased at the intersections with cameras in place.

Other legislators oppose the bill, pointing to statistics from Toledo Ohio where there was a 39% reduction in crashes due to red light cameras. Read the story

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