Traffic Ticket Costs – Statistics

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According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the majority of Americans out on the road are not aware of just how much it can cost them when they are pulled over for a speeding ticket or traffic ticket violation. And based on the type of infraction, not only can insurance premiums rise but they can rise  a significant amount for a serious offense such as a reckless driving charge, as much as 22%, while driving without a license could raise your rates as much as 18%. Factors including the state where you receive your ticket, your age and location will impact your insurance premiums and this doesn’t even address the cost of the fine or penalty itself when you receive a ticket.

There are some options that exist if you want to avoid the insurance premium increases and potentially decrease the fines:

1. Fight the ticket

2. Weight alternate pleas

3. Look into another insurance plan/provider

4. Stay focused, don’t get another ticket

5. Invest in a driving course

It might be advantageous and worth the investment to hire a traffic ticket lawyer that has familiarity with the traffic laws and experienced in traffic courts in the state or county where you received your ticket to assist in handling your speeding ticket.

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